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Sessanea Barbera d'Asti 2013 White Label
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Varenavn: Sessanea Barbera d'Asti 2013 White Label
Varenummer Sessanea Barbera dAsti 2013 white
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Cantina Sessanea

Barbera typical winged bunch, medium-sized, with blue berries from the waxy skin.
The grapes used for the White Label Sessanea Barbera d'Asti Superiore DOCG 2009 comes from vineyards soils profiting excellent exposure, sheltered from the winds that usually sweep in all seasons of the tops of the hills. Here the soil is primarily calcareous and therefore not too fertile, just as I like the vine; but what is important above all are its structure and the physical properties that allow a harmonious balance with maturation of sugars and acidity. Even the altitude (about 400 m / lm) collaborates giving freshness to a wine that will maintain its character unchanged for years.
Are first of all respect the environment in general and ecosystems present in it, contrast washout and erosion, preserve the health of the vine using biocompatible substances.
At the end of veraison, that is when the grapes begin to brown, it proceeds to thinning that will lead to harvest about 60 quintals / hectare; The hand picked grapes are further selected before pressing.
The Barbera 100% raisins in stemmer-crusher from which comes out as a must and then passes through the different stages of the traditional winemaking appropriately flanked by biotechnology and the temperature control. The fermentation, during which the must is in contact with the skins, lasts usually for about ten days; racking followed by the malolactic fermentation and the rest in stainless steel tanks for a few months.
The next step in large oak barrel aging begins a minimum of four years. The aging continues in 0.75 liter bottles for at least another six months.
Alcohol degree: 14% vol
It 'a wine that can preserve unchanged over time its characteristics, which in fact are exalted over the years.
The view is clear and bright; the intense red color tends to garnet; the aroma is characteristic of the grape with hints of ripe fruit and spices; the taste is persistent and soft, but suitably tannic.
It is best appreciated at a temperature of around 20 ° C, in large glasses, after being transferred into a decanter at least one hour before serving.
It goes with the main dishes of a classic menu; in particular with meat and game and preparations with meats and cheeses stagionati.Una interesting proposal provides food pairings of the regional cuisine, such as that of Piedmont which is rich in vegetarian recipes to be proposed as unique dishes: stewed peppers, cardoon flan or leeks, onion soup, ravioli cabbage, pasta and beans, pies. And what about a risotto or fruit directly cooked with Barbera?

Sessanea Barbera d\'Asti 2013 White Label

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