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Negretti Chardonnay Dada 2014
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Varenavn: Negretti Chardonnay Dada 2014
Varenummer 4011-08
Lev. varenummer
Vægt 1 Kg.
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Den gode beliggenhed af vore vinmarker giver denne vin en delikat duft.
Farve: Strågul med grønne reflektioner.
Næse: Intens med duft af blomster og mineraler.
Smag: Tør, fyldig, stållagring uden træfade giver denne vin en frisk livlig smag.

This Chardonnay is made from the white grape-variety grown in many parts of the world. Here on the hills of La Morra the vineyards are trained according to the traditional Guyot system.

The Chardonnay is cultivated using mainly small-cluster French clones on a calcareous soil, west exposed, located in the bottom of the hill where there is a very important short-term variability of temperature between night and day in order to preserve the primary grapes aroma and to save a good acidity.

The grapes are picked in the middle of September. When they reach the winery they are pressed softly to obtain their juice, part of which undergoes fermentation in stainless steel while the remainder ferments in Allier oak barrels,
where it continues to mature for 8-10 months and make also a malolactic fermentation. The two lots are then skilfully blended, and bottled at a controlled temperature to keep all the wine's fragrance and aromas intact. That method permit to give at this wine a nicely crisp taste with great structure, invitingly fruity nose with fragrant hints of butter and honey.

The bottles are stored lying down, away from sources of light and changes in the temperature, which could affect the wine's structure.dada.jpg
Negretti Chardonnay Dada 2014

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