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Luca Ferraris Ruché DOCG 2015
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Varenavn: Luca Ferraris Ruché DOCG 2015
Varenummer Ferraris ruche 2015
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Luca Ferraris

Grape Varietal: Ruchè 100%
Production Area: Castagnole Monferrato, Asti District
Soil: Clay and tuff
Growing System: Long Cordon Spur
Yield: 6 tons/ha – 260 mtrs above the sea level
Age of the Wines: 8-12 years
Alcoholic Fermentation: In temperature controlled stainless steel rotofermenters for 10-15 days
Malolactic Fermentation: In 54 hl oak tini
Ageing:        6-9 months in oak big barrel
Refinement: 3 months in the bottle, unfiltered

Alcohol: 14%
Residual Sugar: 1,17 g/l
Total Acidity: 4,74 g/l

Colour: Ruby red
Bouquet: The wood is perfect for providing a natural level of oxygenation, without much oak flavor, very intense aromas of flowers
Taste: Also at the palate, intese aromas of flowers, balanced, elegant, with tannins that work hard at being soft
Food Pairings: Truffles, game, medium aged cheeses, red and white meats, pasta
Serving Temperature: 18-20°

Ruchè Clasic is obtained from grapes coming from the best-exposed vineyards, which means the southwest side of the hills. Because a heavy pruning, these vineyards never produce more then seven tons per hectare. Fermentation is done in 54-hectoliter temperature-controlled French oak vats for 15 to 20 days, according to the quality of the grapes at the time of pressing. A controlled temperature of 23 degrees enables the fermentation time to be lengthened and to keep the must in contact with skins for longer. During this period, the skins give the must more structure, tannin and color. This is important, particularly for Ruchè, whose precise aromas are its main characteristic. Once fermentation is finished, the wine rests for six months in the same vats where malolactic fermentation also takes place, perfect containers because they allow the exchange of oxygen necessary for a quicker maturation of the wine and for developing more elegant scents without imparting too much oak flavor.

Luca Ferraris Ruché DOCG 2015

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